20mm mushroom head mini suction cups

Suction cups with mushroom head. 20mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Access to small suction cups has provided us storage solutions that were never possible before. Using these products, we are in a position to handle different types of needs that arise out of the blue without any hassle. It also means that commercial owners can easily increase the amount of goods stored without any permanent addition to their establishment. This saves them cost, time and most importantly allows them to get additional revenue which means more profit for them.


KingFar- A Company that looks out for its customers

As a company, KingFar is light years ahead of its competition. This is because of its strong team of researchers and a strong manufacturing unit. Most importantly, it has perfected the use of hybrid materials to increase the strength and functionality of products like the small suction cups. The company has managed to make them adaptable to all types of weather conditions. It has also managed to make it extremely strong in terms of bearing load Vis a Vis the competition. It has done this by moving away from using only plastic and added other compounds to the mixture to achieve the functionality it requires at all times.

20mm Small Suction Cup KF- 20MH- The features

  • Works in all types of climate conditions
  • Can be used on any wall that is smooth irrespective of the surface of the wall
  • Can be used to support any load no matter what it has to support
  • Has the strongest adsorption capacity in the marketplace.
  • Can be attached and detached with ease.


Suction Cups KF- 20MH – The description

Suction Cups KF- 20MH is designed in such a manner that it can be extremely versatile. It can handle different loads even as high as five kilogram. It can also work is below zero as well as above fifty degrees temperature ranges. There is no need of special requirements to attach or detach the same.