40mm Clear PVC suction cups

iSuctionCups Clear Suction Cups PVC Plastic Suction Cup without Hooks (40 mm)

  • Suction cups size: each suction cup head is in mushroom shape, and 40 mm in diameter, proper size for hanging items, clear color, have good hide performance

  • Suction cups material: made of PVC plastic material, very soft, convenient to use, have a strong suction, not easy to fall off, can meet your different hanging needs

  • Applicable surfaces: you can suction them on clean, dry and smooth surface to hang objects, like glass, windows or mirrors, please hang on the smooth surface

  • Wide range of uses: suction cups are multi-purposes, not only for daily home uses, but also for holiday decorating, organization projects, hanging handmade crafts, especially for festivals

  • Quantity: 50 pieces of suction cups, enough for using, easy to clean wash it in warm soapy water for next time use, suitable for kitchen, office, bathroom and other places


medium mushroom head suction cup for sign

medium mushroom head suction cups

40mm clear pvc suction cups

suction cups drawing