40mm Medium suction cups with nuts

Medium suction cups with nuts. 40mm diameter.
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Today suction cups are used in many areas. But, what are these suction cups?

The suction cup is a cup-shaped device that is applied to a surface. When it is used on a surface a partial vacuum is created in that surface. It is round shaped and made of a flexible material. Usually, these suction cups are made out of different stuffs. This can be used for all purpose by the people. It is available in both, small and large size, along with hooks like large suction cups with hooks.


medium 2 suction cups with nuts

Suction cups Screw and Nuts 40M5 6nut Features

A suction cup that comes with screws and nuts are mainly used for holding or hanging light weight products. Users can use these suction cups for all type of purposes. This Suction cups Screw and Nuts 40M5 6nut comes with more features such as

  • The diameter of this suction cup is 1 – 3/5”
  • This suction cup is made with natural copper material
  • This contains suction cup, thumb screw and nuts
  • This product is created with UV resistant feature
  • This won’t become yellow or brittle

Product Description

This Suction cup Screw and Nuts 40M5 6nut is a kind of sucker equipment. This suction cup product is best suited for powerful sucker needs. The user has to handle with material with little bit care. Users find it easy to use this suction cup. The main advantage of using this suction cup is, it can be easily removed and reused. Users can also get this suction cups  for the affordable cost. The screw in this suction cup is easy to adjust by the user. This product is unique in its feature. This suction cup will fulfil the sucker need of the user in a greater manner.

medium suction cup with plastic white nuts

medium suction cup with screws and nuts

plastic white nuts