40mm pvc suction cup screw nuts

Newest PVC Suction cup screw nuts. 40mm diameter.
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Suction cups are products which are used in places where suckers are needed. These suction cups have excellent powers of suction. This is due to the size of the suction cup. The round form of these suction cups will easily fit on any surface. This Suction Cups-Screw and Nut 40M5 10nut is made with more flexibility which replaces the older ones. Suction cups are available in many forms. Users can get steel suction cups, rubber suction cups, plastic suction cup hooks, small and large suction cups etc.


pvc suction cups screw nuts

Suction Cups-Screw and Nut 40M5-10nut Features:

These suction cups are available for the users at a low price. This will easily affix to clean surface and users can get good sucker experience with this suction cup. Every suction cup material has its own features. This Suction cup-Screw and Nut 40M5 10nut contains many features like,

  • This suction cup has a circumference of about 40mm
  • This is made from high quality PVC material which is resistant to UV
  • This product is created with high quality copper material
  • This can be best suited for clean and non-porous surfaces
  • Users can fix this suction cups in a 3/16” hole size


medium poster suction cup with screw and white nuts

Product Description

In this suction cup product, the diameter of the cup is 1-3/5”. These suction cups will hold significant weight without any problem. This contains suction cups along with screw and nuts of 10. This can be used for different purposes of the users. The user can use this suction cup as a wall suction hook. This can be used as a suction cup with a hook for wall hanging purposes. Users can use this product to stick pool liner material. So this can be best suited for windows and walls. Similarly, users can use this suction cup for their cars as well.

medium pvc suction cups with long screw and nuts

medium suction cup with plastic nuts