45mm diameter Medium suction cups with hooks

Medium suction cups with hooks. 45mm diameter, Thickening.
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The product is stated as suction cup that it uses the negative fluid pressure of water or air to stick with the sturdy and smooth surfaces or materials by making partial vacuum on the surface.

Working Principle

The central portion of the suction cup is formed of flexible materials such as Elastic to change its shape and create a seal when it is applied to the static surface. When you are placing the suction cup against the smooth surface, the gap between the flat surface and the suction is reduced which means the air or water between the surface and the suction cup is expelled away and it sticks firmly to the surface. If you remove the suction cup from the surface, it resumes its original shape.


The suction cup is mainly used for material handling and positioning applications. There are numerous materials such as Silicone, Nitrile, Urethane, and Vinyl is used to manufacture the different kinds of suction cup.

For example, Vinyl suction cup is used for domestic purposes. We have seen that suction cup is used almost in all fields.

 Kingfar solution is one of the leading suction cup manufacturers in China. This company has highly professional and experienced designers. This company is manufacturing more than 10 million products per year.

The following information is about the benefits and description of one of the Kingfar product

Product name: suction cup with single metal hooks

Item No: 45MH-A4

Outstanding benefits of 45MH-A4

  • This type of Suction cup is made of PVC material with 45mm diameter. This suction cup has High adsorption ability, and it can withstand the weight up to 5 kg
  • The raw materials like plastic PVC are imported from Japan
  • It attracts the viewers with its gorgeous and fashionable appearance, and it is 100 percent fire proof


We can use this type of suction cup to arrange things in the kitchen, offices, etc. We can use this suction cup on transparent glass, windows, metal surfaces, etc. But some places like wood products, wallpaper, wall, panel walls are not suitable to use the suction cup to display things. Kingfar’s product has high durability and withstand heavy weight for prolong period.

Kindly order the product to make your home beautiful.

medium kingfar suction cup hook

medium kingfar suction cup hooks

medium kingfar suction cups with hooks

medium kingfar suction hooks