50mm large suction cups with metal hooks

Large suction cups with hooks. 50mm diameter.
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The suction cup is a device which creates the partial vacuum on the static planes to stick strongly to the smooth surface of using the negative fluid pressure of air or water. The suction cup is often referred as the Sucker. The working portion of the suction cup is formed by using the stretchy material like Elastic, its shape is curvy.

Kingfar solution:

The suction cup is the excellent and acceptable solution for material handling and positioning purposes. So we have to choose the best and high-quality suction cup. Kingfar solution is one of the leading suction cup producers in China. They are producing more than 200 species of the high-quality suction cup with metal hooks for various purposes. Kingfar solution employs their designers those are highly experienced in their working.

Product name: Suction cup with metal hooks

Item No: KF-50MH-A

Outstanding Features of KF-50MH-A

  • The suction cup with metal hooks is made of PVC material, and the diameter is 50mm
  • It has high controllability and 100 percent fireproof. It can bear up to 5kg materials.
  • It is environmental friendly in nature
  • It can sustain up to 80 degrees, and also it can bear up the cold up to -20 degree Celsius

Description of KF-50MH-A

This product provides an excellent solution to arrange items in office, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. we can easily display the things having weight up to 5 kg. This product is highly robust, and we can use it for extended period without issues. Suction Cup attracts the viewers with its pretty look and trendy style.

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