50mm PVC Large suction cup

Large Suction cup with mushroom head. 50mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

We all have seen the use of large suction cup for windows.  Today we take this for granted and as part of our lives. However, this was not always the case. A few decades ago, the concept of using suction for a temporary attachment to walls and windows was not even imagined. However, once the products hit the market, there was no looking back. Residential and commercial space holders realized that this product can help them meet their requirements without the hassle of adding a new structure to their walls and windows.


large mushroom head suction cup with thin neck

KingFar- The Company that does not shy away from completion.

In a marketplace that jostles for space, most companies are ready to create a small space and exist in that space. Well, that is not how KingFar operates. The company realized that innovation is the key to growth. They also realized that they have to create a global footprint and not a local one to succeed in this space. This is where they started to focus on by using different materials that never compromise their product range like suction hooks.


large strong suction cup with mushroom head thin neck

Suction Cup KF- 50MH-2- The features

  • Temperature resistance no matter the region where it is used
  • Best adsorption capacity in the market.
  • Can be used on any surface without the need of modifications
  • Wide range of sizes up to 80 mm.



large suction cup with mushroom head thicken

Suction Cup KF- 50MH-2 – The description

The Suction Cup KF- 50MH-2 has provided a solution to many different consumers. The product can bear up a large amount of load without any problems to its integrity. What makes it better is that it can be used easily on any wall or surface. This includes the windows without making any changes to the actual structure. The product can be used no matter what the temperatures in the surroundings are.

large suction cup with thin neck mushroom head