Bulk Suction Cups with Top Pilot Hole. 30mm x 1000 bulk box

Kingfar bulk suction cups with top pilot hole, attach an item with your own screw. Please note the dimensions and maximum screw length advice on the technical drawing.

This product is also available in the category:- suction cups with 6mm hole for big hole or if you require an item to hang further away from the applied surface.
Fix Kingfar suction cups to a flat, clean, dry window or slick/shiny non porous, non textured surface like mirrors, glossy plastic or glazed ceramic tiles. Kingfar 30mm suction cup is rated to hold 1 pound (0.45kgs) in weight.

Our next price break is 4,000 piece / CTN. Please contact us for a quote.

clear suction cups with top pilot hole

Suction cups with top pilot hole. 30mm diameter. 4mm hole.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Suction cups with top pilot hole have been around for long periods of time. The products have solved many storage problems over a short period of time. They have helped consumers across the globe. The best part of these products is that they are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk. They can be used in any situation instantaneously. It can be attached and detached without any special equipment.  The load bearing capacity of these products makes them an attractive proposition as compared to the permanent hangers.


bulk suction cups with top pilot hole

KingFar- The Company that makes it possible.

KingFar has been a leader in this market space for a long period of time. It has introduced products that are far superior to any other range in the market. It has changed the industry benchmarks by making the products from hybrid materials. This has helped make its products have the highest load bearing capacity in the market. The products like hook with suction cup have an inbuilt fire resistance due to the use of these materials. Together these capabilities have helped the company redefine what the product range can do. The company has expanded the product range to include various sizes. They have realized that consumers need these products across various countries also. Hence their products can work in every temperature situation.


small suction cups with top pilot hole

Suction Cup KF- 30P-4- The features

  • Works with temperatures between 80 degrees to minus 20
  • Works with loads as high as five kilograms
  • Varies from 20 mm to 8 mm to 95 mm
  • Easy adsorption allows for quick use from the packet


suction cups with top pilot hole display details


Suction Cup KF- 30P-4 – The description

Suction Cup KF- 30P-4 is made from materials as diverse as PVC, medical grade plastic and silicone. This allows the product to be extremely durable and strong. The amount of load it can bear is path breaking and is ahead of any other competitor in the industry.