MINI EZ Pass Clip Electronic Toll Tag Holder for the New Small toll Pass holder

EZ Pass Clip


Avoid risking a costly toll violation. Toll authorities require that toll passes be firmly affixed to your windshield, not hand held.

The EZ Pass Mini Holder allows you to firmly mount your toll transponder to your windshield without the sticky mess of a permanent adhesive.

The EZ-Pass Mini attaches to […]

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Where can I buy an E-ZPass holder?

Where can I buy an E-ZPass holder

I’ve seen these more in the NYC area than anywhere else, so I figured all you local FTers would know the answer… 

Where can I buy an e-zpass holder for my new E-ZPass with suction cups […]

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toll tag holder

The Best Way to attach your EZ Pass Toll Tag holder to the windshield of your Car, Truck, RV, or Motorcycle
No adhesive necessary. Easy to put it On! Easy to Remove it! Slip the Tag into the E-Z Mount and stick it to the windshield […]

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8 Best EZ Pass Holder Options

EZ Pass provides a great service for frequent travelers that saves time and frustration by allowing drivers to quickly and painlessly pass through tolls without the lines.  We reviewed the best EZ Pass holders currently available and selected the best options.

Kingfar 2019 new EZ pass holder 10088

e-z pass holder

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How to mount your Ohio E-ZPass Transponder

Tired of getting stuck in Ohio Turnpike “E-Zpass Only” lanes?E-ZPass Transponder

This post will show you how to install or mounting your E-ZPass transponder and why it is so important.

The number one reason E-Zpass transponders do not read correctly is due to improper installation (i.e. holding it up/waving […]

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Suction Phone Holder

suction phone holder suction cups for shower bathroom phone holder

In real life, people often use their cell phones to watch video in the bathroom or kitchen, listen to songs or news broadcasts, or do live shows while wearing makeup. If you want to hold your cell phone […]

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OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Toll Pass Holder

OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Transponder Holder/Toll Pass holder Windshield Mount/Premium Quality with Genuine Reclosable Mounting Stripsez pass holder

You must be tired of the original white toll pass that comes with those two mounting strips that you need to attach to the windshield and to […]

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EZ Pass Holder, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder

Four Suction Cup Toll Pass Holder Fits All EZ Pass & I-Pass transponders. Most Compact & Sturdiest Electronic Toll Tag Holder

ez pass holder

This EZ pass holder fit the old and new mini EZPass and EZPass Flex, I-Pass, I-Zoom, and Palpass transponders. Made from tough clear plastic to […]

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How to hold a cell phone in bathroom

In real life, people often use mobile phones in the bathroom or kitchen to watch videos, listen to songs, listen to news broadcasts, or do live shows while making makeup. If you want to hold a mobile phone, you can’t do things.
Now, we have created a suction cup phone holder that specifically targets the above […]

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Cell phone holder for bathroom wall mount

Bath & Shower Car Cell Phone Case Stand Holder. Caddy Tray Mount With Two Powerful Strong Suction Cups Perfect For All Phones Iphone Galaxy. Clear Acrylic By iSuctionCups8.143459





– Made from high-quality acrylic martial That offers firm solid grip!


-Features Wide yet sturdy sides so your phone does not slip down!


-Works well […]

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