OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Toll Pass Holder

OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Transponder Holder/Toll Pass holder Windshield Mount/Premium Quality with Genuine Reclosable Mounting Stripsez pass holder

You must be tired of the original white toll pass that comes with those two mounting strips that you need to attach to the windshield and to […]

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EZ Pass Holder, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder

Four Suction Cup Toll Pass Holder Fits All EZ Pass & I-Pass transponders. Most Compact & Sturdiest Electronic Toll Tag Holder

ez pass holder

This EZ pass holder fit the old and new mini EZPass and EZPass Flex, I-Pass, I-Zoom, and Palpass transponders. Made from tough clear plastic to […]

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How to hold a cell phone in bathroom

In real life, people often use mobile phones in the bathroom or kitchen to watch videos, listen to songs, listen to news broadcasts, or do live shows while making makeup. If you want to hold a mobile phone, you can’t do things.
Now, we have created a suction cup phone holder that specifically targets the above […]

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Cell phone holder for bathroom wall mount

Bath & Shower Car Cell Phone Case Stand Holder. Caddy Tray Mount With Two Powerful Strong Suction Cups Perfect For All Phones Iphone Galaxy. Clear Acrylic By iSuctionCups8.143459





– Made from high-quality acrylic martial That offers firm solid grip!


-Features Wide yet sturdy sides so your phone does not slip down!


-Works well […]

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Suction Cups without Hooks – Large

Suction Cups without Hooks – LargeSuction Cups without Hooks

Large suction cups without hooks to Hang signs or displays.
  • Sticks to smooth, nonporous surfaces like glass, plastic, fiberglass and tile.
  • 70% stronger hold with thick ribbed construction.
  • Release tab makes removal easy.
  • Suction cup size is […]
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    Suction Cups for Inner Lip Plate

    Suction Cups for Inner Lip PlateSuction Cups for Inner Lip Plate

    Inner Lip Plate/Suction Cups Durable plastic dish makes scooping food onto […]

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    Suction cups work best for mounting solar screen fabric without the frame on the inside of a window. We provide you with the requested number of clear suction cups, as well as clear, flat-head tacks, so you can position the […]

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    Clear Suction cups

    clear suction cupsDescription

    • Suction cups are ideal for mounting onto signs, glass and acrylic surfaces
    • Clear suction cups are available in the following diameters:
      • 20mm
      • 30mm
      • 40mm
    • Packs contains 20, 50, 100, 250 or 500 cups.

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    Suction cups for Keyguard Options

    Suction cups for Keyguard OptionsSuction cups for Keyguard Options

    Depending on the case you order your keyguard may be cut with openings to allow attachment of suction cups. The attachment of suction cups is optional and the suction cups may be purchased at a later date. Suction […]

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    Package of four suction cups – fit standard windshield mounts for recent Passport 8500 X50, Passport 9500i, Passport 9500ix, RedLine, Solo S2 and Solo S3 models.

    Note: We have changed the size of the suction cups over the years. […]

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