Replacement boat Suction Cups

boat suction cups

Key Features:

  • Replacement boat Suction Cups with 3/32″ Top-Pilot Hole
  • Rated for 3lbs. each
  • Diameter: 1 3/4″at rest and 1 7/8″ in use
  • Minimum order Qty. (4)

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How to get bulk suction cup hooks manufacturers or chinese suppliers

How to get bulk suction cup hooks manufacturers or chinese suppliers?

In china, our factory can make any size suction cup hooks and suction cup with metal hooks or plastic hooks any other best type of the suction cups.clear suction cup hooks for christmas tree


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Small Suction Cup Hooks 30mm

  • Small suction cup hooks can use to home office bathroom and any more.

  • iSuctionCups super-strong small suction cup hooks do not yellow, deteriorate, or lose adhesion over time. These suction cups have light diffusing rings that prevent focused light from damaging interiors, while the superior material resists yellowing. The metal “U” hook […]

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How Does a Suction Cup Work?

What is it of the suction cups?

A suction cup is what you use when you want to hang a poster on a glass window or pick up a sheet of glass. They are perfect for attaching to any flat, non-porous surface and will adhere with a lot of force if applied correctly. They are […]

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Super Strong Reliable Suction Cups Hooks Large

Super Strong Reliable Suction Hook Large Cups 3″  Heavy Duty Hangers Bathroom Shower Rack85mm giant pvc big suction cups

About the product
  • STRONG – No […]
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Rubber Strong Suction Cups

Rubber Strong Suction Cup Replacements for Glass Table Tops, with 5M

small best suction cups with screws



All domestic packages are shipped for Free (Unless other shipping method […]

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40mm Clear PVC suction cups

iSuctionCups Clear Suction Cups PVC Plastic Suction Cup without Hooks (40 mm)

  • Suction cups size: each suction cup head is in mushroom shape, and 40 mm in diameter, proper size for hanging items, clear color, have good hide performance

  • Suction cups material: made of PVC plastic material, […]

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Bath & Shower Car Cell Phone Case Stand Holder

Bath & Shower Car Cell Phone Case Stand Holder. Caddy Tray Mount With Two 45mm Powerful Strong Suction Cups Perfect For All Phones Iphone Galaxy. Clear Acrylic By

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Clear Transparent Hanger Kitchen Bathroom Suction Cup Sucker 20mm

Clear Transparent Hanger Kitchen Bathroom Suction Cups Suckers 20mm diameter

Product Description

The back using suction cups and back with removable feature, can be removable at any time, facilitate cleaning,
can easily draw on the bathroom walls, convenience, aesthetics, space-saving.

Material: […]

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Big Suction Cups Hooks 63mm

Big Suction Cups hooks 63mm For Bathroom Kitchen Wall Hooks Hangers

2.5' suction hooks

  • Dimension: the big suction cups hooks are 6.3 cm/ 2.48 inches in diameter, 2.5 cm/ 0.98 inch in height; And the metal hooks are 5.2 […]
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