38mm mushroom head suction cups

Suction cups with mushroom head. 38mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

38mm mushroom head suction cups for glass are being used in every situation today. This product has made its appearance in different environments with relative ease. We find them being used even when there are permanent solutions available at all times. The reason is simple. They […]

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Small rubber suction cups

Small rubber Suction cups with mushroom head. 30mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Bathroom mushroom head small rubber suction cups are ubiquitous yet handy in both design and functionality. This product has helped people solve a major problem especially when they are travelling. More often than not, people are not comfortable using the permanent storage available in bathrooms and […]

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Small suction cups with mushroom head

Small Suction cups with mushroom head. 30mm diameter.

Kingfar small Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

When we use clear mushroom head small suction cups we have a specific reason to do so. Our reason is to save space, time and money. These products have the capacity to replicate and even exceed the performance of permanent hooks made from metal. Most […]

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Display signs in windows and glass surfaces by using this suction cup with attached metal hook. Perfect for hanging banners in windows at retail stores and facilities.  Combine with our banner grippers to create a complete sign system.


  • Hang ring hook: attaches to suction cup and sign or banner hanger
  • Suction cup: 1.75″ […]
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20mm mushroom head mini suction cups

Suction cups with mushroom head. 20mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Access to small suction cups has provided us storage solutions that were never possible before. Using these products, we are in a position to handle different types of needs that arise out of the blue without any hassle. It also means that commercial owners can easily […]

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iFixit Small Suction Cup with keyring

iFixit Small Suction Cup

iFixit Small Suction Cup Keyring Specifications
Form Factor: Suction Cup
Warranty: 6 months
Condition: New
For when you just need to get a grip.

Light-duty suction cup for removing phone and tablet glass panels.
7kg (15 lb) lifting capacity.
4.5cm (1.75 inch) diameter.
2.5cm (1 inch) diameter keyring handle.
For a suction cup with a little more testosterone we also carry […]

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45mm Double Suction Cup for extra strength

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15mm miniature suction cups

Miniature Suction cups with mushroom head. 15mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Mini Suction cups falls under the category of products that we cannot do without . Who would have thought that such a product will impact our lives when it was first launched? Today more than ever, every home and every commercial space sports these […]

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Strong suction hooks

Strong suction hooks. 63mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

The principle of the Strong suction cup hooks is that it is using the negative fluid pressure of water or air to firmly stick it to the smooth and nonporous surfaces or materials by creating the partial vacuum. Before fixing the Strong suction cup hooks, make […]

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Large suction cup hooks

Large suction cup hooks. 60mm diameter, Thickening.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Plastic large suction cup hooks are one of the most sought after product range across the globe. This product range has a wide range of functions that cover both residential and commercial use. Most importantly, this product can be used under any load bearing and temperature variation circumstances. It […]

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