Large suction cups with hooks

Large suction cup hooks. 50mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

The suction cup is the product that having less air or water pressure on one side, and high pressure on another side. With the support of this negative fluid pressure, the suction cup sticks to the static surface. It seems that the suction cup is […]

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Suction Cups with Phillips head screw

Have you misplaced a suction cup or simply want to refresh the cup on your window feeder? Don’t worry, we have replacements!
Kingfar suction cups are made in the China from quality materials.

  • High quality – won’t come un-stuck
  • Clear cup with Phillips head screw
  • 1.75 in diameter
  • Made in the China

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Clear 45mm Suction Cup With A Bulldog Clip

  • Clear plastic suction cup
  • Metal bulldog clip attached
  • Approx diameter of suction cup is 4.5cm
  • Bulldog clip measures approx 5cm in length
  • Ideal for attaching lightweight decorations to a smooth surface ie windowpanes etc.

suction cup clips

suction cups bulldog [...]
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Medium Suction Cups with plastic hooks

Medium suction cup hooks. 45mm diameter, Thickening.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Plastic suction hooks are being used in a variety of situations.   The fact that they are made from one of the most flexible materials in the world, makes them desirable by all types of users. These products are made to handle any kind of load. This […]

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Suction Cup with Self Tapping Screw

Medium Suction Cup with Self Tapping Screw
  • With professional look and reliability
  • Diameter: 45mm ( 1 3/4″ )
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    Suction Cup With Metal Screw

    Perfect for windows or cooler doors. Metal screw securely holds signs. Screw has blunt tip so it will not pierce the cup. High-quality CHINA made cup with unique reinforcing rings for added strength and long-term holding power. Apply to clean, non-porous surface for best results.

    • For use […]
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    Metal clips with suction cups

    Characteristics :

    • Metal clips
    • x1 pieces
    • with suction cup
    • Length: 5 cm
    • For mounting on the windshield
    • To hang your papers
    • Indispensable in your cabin
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    Plastic Suction Cup with Metal Clip

    Clear 45mm suction cup with metal clip. Useful for displaying signs, documents, decorations, etc…


    • Mirror finish metal clip with a 45mm suction cup
    • Works easily on clean and smooth surface
    • Also available without the metal clip

    Plastic Suction Cup with Metal Clip

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    Medium suction cup hooks

    Medium suction cup hooks. 40mm diameter.
    Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

    Medium suction cup hooks is an object which employs the negative fluid pressure to firmly stick to the material or nonporous surface by creating the partial vacuum. The main face of the Medium suction cup hooks is made of flexible material just like elastic. The […]

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    Suction Cup – Plain with Mushroom Head

    • Mushroom head suction cup
    • Holds signs up to .1875″ thick
    • UV inhibitor prevents sun damage
    • 1 3/4″ O.D.


    Looking for suction cups for a window sign or to hang a Point of Purchase Display off glass, our 45dds will do the trick. When pushing the limit on weight, conduct a test to ensure it holds. […]

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