Chrismas Suction Cups Hooks

Make use of our chrismas Suction Cups Hooks to make hassle-free hanging space for minor products for example stringed lights, designs or other light-weight products. They’ll stick to any sleek, non-porous surface area like windows glass, showcases, fiberglass, floor tile or steel.


  • Strong multi-purpose chrismas SUCTION CUPs HOOKS are perfect for residence, work and vacation as long as a nonporous, refined surface is accessible


  • The SUCTION CUP HOOKS has got the best hanging power for the 2 ½” size of the hook with 8 LB of holding power


  • RoHS Certified / Phthalates-free suction cups for a most dependable hold on smooth, non-porous areas



  • Ideal areas for this item include: glass, plastic materials, baked enamel, Plexiglas®, fibreglass, mirror, acrylic plastic, dry remove panels, stainless-steel, powder coated metals, subway or porcelain tile.

chrismas suction cups vase flower holder