Clear vinyl PVC suction cup with screw

Suction Cups..Packet of (4) 50mm (just over 2″) suction cup with M4 screw (10mm) with separate ridged nut, standard cup, sucker, suckers, plain, Clear vinyl PVC suction cup with screw.

Clear vinyl PVC suction cup with screw
Clear vinyl PVC suction cup with screw

50mm suction cups with M4 screw (10mm) & ridged nut. Ideal for a host of tasks both around the home and in the office. Designed to firmly hold car shades, car window signs, small posters etc. Adheres to glass, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces. Various quantities and sizes available, check out our other listings for more info.

Now what can these be used for, well, i am going to tell you a little story
My knees do not bend properly and to get into a sitting position in a bath its a case of get so far down and then drop like a stone. NOT good for anyone’s hips or back. Tried the blow up bath cushions that come with suction cups. Down side of those is they are blow up cushions and puncture if you land on them with a thud.
SOLUTION these amazing suction cups screwed and countersunk into a GARDEN KNEELING MAT. Brilliant. The mat is firm but not overly so, does not pop and these large suction cups keep the mat in place, no movement at all
OUTSTANDING product that has helped solve a disability problem and allowed me to actually lay down in a bath and have a good soak
I HIGHLY recommend these suction cups for anyone that needs to fix anything under water, and wants it to stay there

These suction cups I purchased to secure the wheel arch cover to my caravan. They are ideal for that job and are very easy to remove via the attached tab.I also like to fly the England flag , so a little doweling ,and the flag are fixed to two of them and now I can fly the flag from the front side of the caravan. They are fairly cheap but well made so if any break they can easily be replaced. I can recommend these items as a good buy.