Four Suction Cup Toll Pass Holder Fits All EZ Pass & I-Pass transponders. Most Compact & Sturdiest Electronic Toll Tag Holder

ez pass holder

This EZ pass holder fit the old and new mini EZPass and EZPass Flex, I-Pass, I-Zoom, and Palpass transponders. Made from tough clear plastic to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. Compact design (3.90 by 3.5 inches) will not extend beyond your electronic toll tag, and can be hidden behind rearview mirror and out of your driving line of sight for safe driving. Uses 4 industrial grade suction cups for stability, and easily replaced if ever needed so you only buy this holder once. Comes with four 3M dual-lock strips installed to mate with the two strips already installed on your toll pass. Will not rattle, discolor, melt or break. Easy to attach to windshield, simply push it into desired location on windshield. Easily removed by pulling on suction cup tab or by sliding a small card under the cups. Easy to transfer to another vehicle or remove and hide for theft prevention. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

One size fits all
Accomodates all EZ Pass old & new mini and EZPass Flex
Fits all I-Pass, Palpass and i-Zoom transponders
Compact design with suction cups behind toll tag
Easily tucked behind rearview mirror for safe driving
Tough & sturdy black plastic will not discolor, deform or break
Curved smooth contour design that is gentle to touch
Ready to use in less than a minute, no assembly required
Comes with 4 suction cups and 4 adhesive strips attached
Easy to attach. Simply clip your toll pass to holder and attach to windshield
Esy to remove. Simply pull on accessible suction cup tabs
Easy to transfer to another car, or remove and hide to prevent theft
Withstands extreme heat and cold conditions
Four industrial grade suction cups installed for stability
100 percent satisfaction guaranteed