How to attach suction cups

How to attach suction cups

How to attach suction cups

Suction cups find a wide range of use in the modern day kitchen from creating a lot more storage place to an area for conveniently hanging often used flannels in the bathroom. However, one of the most common problems people face is that they don’t know how to attach suction cups. The good news is that it’s something relatively simple to do.

Suction cups, in most cases hold a hook that’s afterwards used to hold an object on a window, wall, shelf or any flat surface in general. If you’re new to using them, you could be one of the many people that find their suction cups do not stick.

This how-to guide will help you find out how to attach the suction cups on any smooth surface.

Step 1

Suction cups will always stick onto any smooth surface such as glass or fibreglass, so long as they are properly cleaned. This is an absolute necessity if you want them to be as effective as possible.

The first step in this guide is therefore to thoroughly clean your glass or metal surface with a wet piece of cloth. You should use gentle dishwashing soap on metal surfaces to avoid scratching or staining them. When it’s clean enough, rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.

Step 2

Once you’ve cleaned the surface using a soapy detergent, get some vinegar or rubbing alcohol and repeat the cleansing process all over again.

This second wash is to help get rid of specific kinds of dirt that soap all by itself usually can’t get rid of.

Step 3

When figuring out how to attach suction cups to virtually any surface, it was discovered that despite the best efforts to get rid of all that grime, somehow, some of it still managed to remain on the surface.

For this final stubborn layer of dirt, you’ll need a bowl of warm water and a piece of cloth. Dip the cloth into the water and rinse off the suction cups, afterwards tapping the excess water off of the suction cups. Don’t wipe it off, though, because that fine layer of water is important for helping the suction cups stick in place.

Step 4

Your suction cups are finally ready to use. However, more people than can be counted usually mess it all up at this point. When placing the suction on whatever surface you’ve chosen, use a lot of force to ensure there are no air bubbles anywhere in-between the surface and the suction cup.

Step 5

The more demanding parts are over, so finally, let the suction cups rest for a period of about 24 hours before finally using them to hang your belongings.

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