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How to get a suction cup to stick to window glass?
Perhaps one of the least appreciated inventions of modern times is the suction cup. Despite its myriad of uses – from creating a surprisingly large amount of space to storing some obscenely heavy objects (for industry-grade suction cups), its usefulness is boundless. Perhaps the whole reason is because most people don’t know how to get a suction cup to stick to glass and other similar surfaces.

However, having a smooth surface such as glass surface alone won’t entirely guarantee that the suction cup is going to stick in place on the surface. The main thing you should have in mind when it comes down to suction cups is that if either the surface or the suction cup itself isn’t clean, it likely won’t stick.

To ensure a suction cup will stick onto your glass furniture, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

The first step is to get your glass surface clean. This is also a potential hurdle most people face, because they really don’t know how to properly clean glass.

Use a damp cloth to thoroughly wipe away the dirt, and afterwards, use a dry cotton cloth or a newspaper to clean away the residue water.

Step 2

The second step in this how to get a suction cup to stick to glass surface tutorial is to thoroughly clean the suction cups. Use rubbing alcohol to do this as thoroughly as you can, but at the same time gentle enough to prevent damaging them.

Once you’re done, dry them using either a paper towel or a gentle drying cloth.

Step 3

The third step will require you to warm up some little water in the kettle or using a glass bowl in the microwave. Afterwards, tap off the excess water.

Note that this time, you shouldn’t dry off the warm water because it’s needed to create a film that helps the suction cups stick better..

Step 4

Now that they’re ready for use, place each suction cup onto your glass surface, in the process using as much force as you can muster so that no air bubbles remain underneath the any of the suction cups.

Step 5

Finally, comes the easy part. Here, all you need to do is wait about 24 hours before you finally mount your bird cage or car cell phone holder onto the suction cup no matter what the size of the mount you want to use.

This is an important part of how to get a suction cup to stick to glass since it lets any air bubbles that may have been able to get into the suction cup to slowly escape while at the same time allowing the suction cups gain a significant amount of grip on the glass.


How to get a suction cup to stick to window glass