How to get suction cups to stick on window?

how to get suction cups to stick

How to get suction cups to stick?

Suction cups are crazily effective for attaching to surfaces in order to hold other belongings without damaging the surface itself. They offer a neat solution for attaching to thing like bird cages, sun catchers and lots of other decorative ornaments. However, they often pose the problem of how to get suction cups to stick on window.

Suction cups also find use in a variety of places such as in car cell phone holders, notepads and other items that you need at a moment’s notice from within the car. A good quality suction cup will do this while preventing the glass even sediments of the crystal from falling apart.

In this article, you will learn how to take it a step further by improving the suction cup’s sealing power.

Step 1

The winning point of any quality suction is it’s ability to properly hold whatever is mounted onto it in place. The secret behind this secret lies in the ability of the pad to hold onto the surface without any kind of physical disruption.However, this ability is usually hindered when the surface bears any kind of dirt.

Therefore, you’re going to have to thoroughly clean the surface where the suction pads are going to be mounted with lukewarm water mixed with your favourite washing detergent. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and dry with a dry cloth.

Step 2

One by one, rinse all the suction cups using either rubbing alcohol, vinegar or methylated spirit to get rid of the last traces of dirt and grime. This step is especially crucial in the process of how to get suction cups to stick on window.

After you’re done, dry off any remaining alcohol using a dry cloth or a paper towel. Note, however, that this will all be pretty useless if your surface is filthy, so ensure to clean it beforehand.

Step 3

Warm a cup of water in the kettle or microwave and once again rinse the individual suction cups under the water. The water, however, shouldn’t be hot as this ends up damaging the suction cups (and possibly your hands).

Once the suction cups are all squeaky clean (hot water helps get rid of the last traces of grime and oily dirt), shake off the remaining traces of water.

Step 4

The suction cups should all be ready for use once they’ve gone through the warm water treatment. All that’s left is to firmly place them on your window and wait for about 24 hours before finally placing that great necklace onto it.

In knowing how to get suction cups to stick on window, the golden point to remember is that clean surfaces are going to forever be your best friend.

large suction cups with top pilot hole without studs