How to Help a Bird that has Collided with a Window

1. Approach slowly.
2. Assess injuries.
3. Safely capture the bird.
4. Place in a dark, quiet box.
5. Keep away from pets.
6. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator.
7. Provide water (no food).
8. Follow expert guidance.
9. Avoid handling unnecessarily.
10. Monitor for recovery signs.
11. Provide proper care environment.
12. Minimize stress and disturbances.
13. Gradually reintroduce to outdoors.
14. Observe if it can fly.
15. Offer natural perching options.
16. Ensure access to food sources.
17. Continue monitoring health.
18. Seek professional help if needed.
19. Promote bird-friendly window solutions.
20. Educate others to prevent collisions.