How to make suction cups stick to glass

How to make suction cups stick to glass

How to make suction cups stick to glass

Suction cups offer an answer for appending sun catchers, flying creature feeders and other helpful and beautiful items to windows without damage to the glass. Suction cups stick to the glass on the external or internal. Car fittings for example, PDA holders, mobile phone mounts, notebooks and other convenient things stick to auto windshields by means of suction cups. To avoid marked glass fine art or precious stones from falling, mount suction cups safely. In minutes, you can enhance a suction cup’s seal. Below are some steps that need to be taken in account in order for suction cups to stick to glass.

Cleaning is Important

To guarantee an effective suction cup seal, a standout amongst the best strategies is to begin with a quality suction cup. Both the suction cup and the window must be squeaky spotless. A suction cup secured with sand, dust or oil won’t follow intensely. Guaranteeing that the suction cup is spotless includes a snappy wash in warm foamy water. Washing the suction cup well evacuates any cleanser deposit. White vinegar in water gives a cheap and eco-accommodating window-washing answer. By maintaining a strategic distance from chemical window cleaners you shield the suction cup from harming chemicals.

Closure Secrets to make suction cup stick to glass

Suction cups accomplish well with warmth. Getting the underlying seal tight includes timing the application for a warm some portion of the day or utilizing a blow dryer to warm the glass. Wild Birds Unlimited prescribes utilizing a little skin oil on the suction cup by rubbing some from the face onto within the suction cup. The thought is that spit and water vanish, while a touch of skin oil will stay set up. Cooking oil can be utilized also. The site likewise calls attention to that the nature of suction cup has a significant effect. Reasonable, little, shallow suction cups don’t have the staying energy of bigger, great cups.


Suction cups can damage or twist after some time, particularly if presented to warm or the components. Substitute suction cups that no longer follow safely. Check equipment and artworks stores for substitution suction cups. Assess suction cups that are being used at regular intervals and press out any air. At the point when the cup loses its seal, air leaks in. Utilize fishing line to hang stained glass, precious stones and other beautifying things from suction cups to make an impact of the craftsmanship being suspended over the glass.

How to make suction cup stick to glass

Things you need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Mild soap
  1. Clean the glass with glass cleaner.
  2. Rinse the suction cup with warm water and include a little soap if they are filthy.
  3. Dry the suction cup with the cloth.
  4. Dampen at the tip of your finger with water and delicately soak the internal edge of the suction cup.
  5. Press the suction cup solidly to the glass and hold it for a few moments and afterward tenderly discharge the weigh. Give it an extremely delicate pull to ensure
  6. Off the chance that it slides at all or comes free, you many have gotten the edge too moist.
  7. Dry it and attempt once more.

If the above instructions are followed, it is quite convenient and fast to make suction cups to stick to glass.


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