How to make suction cups stick to wood?

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How to make suction cups stick to wood

How to make suction cups stick to wood

Avoiding nails, screws and glue

Sometimes we want to hang something from a surface of wood, but without damaging it. The solution most obvious would be to use suction cups. But how to make suction cups stick to wood?

How do they work?

The suction cups can adhere to vertical surfaces and be removed without leaving any residue. Their functioning depends on the use of the negative pressure created by some fluid contained between the inner surface of the suction cup and the non-porous surface that it is attached to.

What about wood?

Wood is an exceptional material. According to the type of tree the coloring and the marbling change. Also the hardness. It is used for different kinds of things, from furniture to boats, boxes for storing beads, kitchen utensils. The variety is infinite. The finish of the wood may also vary. Some surfaces are highly polished and others are more rustic.

But regardless of the finishing,  wood is porous. There can be some treatments to make wood non-porous, but certainly they can alter the properties of the wood. We can try to stick suction cups to very polished wood. A few varnish layers can be helpful, but let´s do not hold our breaths.

Well then. The answer to how to make suction cups stick to wood is there can be no way to get it.

Let´s discuss the ways to make a suction cup stick to a non-porous surface.

Firstly we have to talk about the suction cup itself. The best ones are soft, but if we only have a rigid one, then we can try to make it softer boiling it for a while. Another thing to take into account is the size. Bigger contact surfaces can hold heavier stuff.

Now we can begin the process.

  1. Clean both surfaces with a fabric wet with alcohol. This step will ensure to have the surfaces without oil or dust
  2. To clean the fibers the fabric left behind, wipe the surfaces with an absorbent paper
  3. Moisten the inner surface of the suction cup with water. Do not use too much or the suction cup will slip down. But when using too little, the sucker doesn´t stick to the surface.
  4. Press the sucker to the surface. The air between them will be expelled creating a little vacuum, enough to make the suction cup hold to the surface.
  5. To remove the suction cup do not pull the body, because it can break. The correct way is to slightly separate the borders and let the air get in the middle.


And remember, very polished wood and multiple varnish layers can be the answer to how to make suction cups stick to wood.

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