How to use suction cups

how to use suction cups

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Features of suction cups

Suction cups have a curved surface, and the working face is of elastic. The volume of the space that exist between the suction cup and the flat surface contracts once the center of the suction cup, is placed on a flat and non-porous surface, this helps the air or water that remains within the container and the surface to be expelled past the rim of the circular cup.

Little or no air exists between on the flat surface when the cavity develops between the cups and in this case most of the fluids have already set out of the inside of the cup which brings about a lack of pressure.

Anytime the user ceases to apply physical pressure to the outside of the cup, the elastic substance that supports the Cup resumes its original curved shape. The amount of time that the suction effect can be maintained depending on the period the air or water takes to leak back into the cavity that exists between the cup and the surface which makes the pressure equals the surrounding pressure.

How to use suction cups.

Suction cups is best adhered to smooth, non-porous surfaces for example, tile glass, fiberglass or metal. Surfaces should be entirely free from dirt and soap film before attaching the suction cup in other to ensure a firm bond.

  • First of all scrub the surface of the ground with a household cleaner, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • rub the surface thoroughly with alcohol and dry with alcohol
  • clean the inside of the suction cup with alcohol
  • Wash inside of the cup under water then shake off the excess water.
  • Press the cup firmly in place, and ensure there are no bubbles between the container and the mounting surface depending on the use, and it may require you attaching the suction cup to the shelf or hook it to the shelf before mounting.
  • Let the suction cup set for 24 hours before adding any weight to it.