Large suction cup hooks

Large suction cup hooks. 60mm diameter, Thickening.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Plastic large suction cup hooks are one of the most sought after product range across the globe. This product range has a wide range of functions that cover both residential and commercial use. Most importantly, this product can be used under any load bearing and temperature variation circumstances. It utilizes the adsorption power to manage loads that are hung on it. The addition of the hook is two pronged advantage. The first is that the additional attachment increases the overall strength of the product. The second is that the plastic hook ensures that the load remains stable at all times


big suction cup hooks

KingFar – The Company that redefined this market space

KingFar has produced many quality products that have changed the benchmark for this product. It has done this by analyzing the competition as well as the needs of the consumer. It realized that load bearing was the primary cause of concern among consumers. It also realized that heat and cold played an important role in performance of the product. It narrowed down the limitations to the use of materials and the singular use of only plastic to make the products. Hence it incorporated different products in its range especially in specialized products like Large suction cup hooks.

Features of Suction Cup KF-60BH-B

  • Large surface area for better adsorption
  • Large load bearing capacity in the industry
  • Temperature resistance on both ends of the scale


Suction Cup KF-60BH-B Description

Suction Cup KF-60BH-B has 60 millimeters of surface area. This provides it high amount of adsorption to manage the load it has to bear. It can easily bear between three to four kilograms of weight without any strain. It can work in extremely high and extremely low temperatures. Use of new age materials and high end raw materials makes it durable and fire resistant at all times.

large big suction cups with hooks

large suction cup hooks

large suction hooks

technical drawing big large suction cup hooks