large suction cup with metal screws

Large suction cup with metal screws. 50mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

The product which is used for sucking needs of the people is called as suckers. The suction cups are the form of suckers. The working face of these suction cups is made with an elastic and flexible substance. It has a curved shape which is affix to the surface. This curved section of this Suction cup-Screw and Nut 50M5 will fix to any kind of clean surfaces. When the round portion of this suction cup is pressed against a flat surface, the amount of space between the round portion and the surface is reduced. This will make the suction cup to expel the necessary pressure on the surface.


large clear pvc transparent suction cup with screws

Suction cup Screw and Nut 50M5-10 Features

Suction cups are available in several forms. These come in the form of mushroom cups, with hook and come for different uses like windows and walls. Users can get these suction hooks for windows and walls as per their requirement. It has the following features,

  • This Suction cup Screw and Nut 50M5-10 has a cup diameter of 2”
  • The colour of this suction cup won’t change to yellow and it won’t become feeble
  • Users find it easy to use this suction cup
  • This contains strong suction cup hooks which stay on the surface for a long duration of time
  • This is a self hanging product


large sucion cup with crews

Product Description

Users can use this suction cup for any kind of surface they want. This Suction cup material is easy to remove. Users can reuse this product at any time after removing it. This provides strong sucker to the surface on which it is fixed. On buying this suction cup material, users have to specify the purpose of its use. That is user have to mention where they are going to use this suction cup like window or wall or bathroom.

large suction cup screw details

large suction cup with metal screws

technical drawing suction cup with screws long 10mm