Large suction cups screws

Large suction cups screws. 50mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Large Suction cups with screws are products which are used in places where sticking is required. These suction cups are used for sticking purpose when users don’t want to use glue for sucking. These suction cups are very simple and it is a cheap product to buy. The suction cups are available in a simple format and it also comes with screw and nut. When the sucker is pressed against the surface, it presses out air behind it. This air pressure will hold the suction cup rim firmly against a smooth surface. Normally, this type of suction cups is used as wall cups, window suction hooks etc.


50mm large suction cup with nuts

Suction cup Screw and Nut 50M5-6 Features

In this, Suction cup Screw and Nut 50M5-6 product features are given,

  • This suction cup material sticks better with the surface
  • This product is very clean and free from dirt
  • The suggested hole size for this suction cup is 3/16”
  • The mating thumb nut of this suction cup’s height is ½” O.D * ½”
  • This is created with high quality pure copper material
  • The thumb nut comes unassembled from stud

Product Description

The diameter of this Suction cup Screw and Nut 50M5-6 is 2”. This can be used for any kind of sucking needs in a clean and non-leaky surface. One general problem related with these form of suction wall hooks is its colour change. But, users don’t have to worry about this problem with these suction cups. This is because it is made from high quality copper and it won’t change to yellow and also it won’t brittle. Users simply have to mount this suction cup on the surface they need. Users can easily adjust this suction cup with the help of the screw in this. This will make users to easily handle this suction cups.

large suction cups screws

large suction cup screws

large suction cup with nuts

large suction cups with plastic nuts

plastic white nylon nuts