Medium pvc suction cups without thumbtack

Medium pvc suction cups without thumbtack. 42mm diameter, top pilot hole suction cups. If you looking for the suction cups with metal hooks please click here, and you are looking for the suction cup with thumbtack also can make it.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Suckers are the stuffs which are used for sucking purposes. The suction cups are the form of suckers. The working face of these suction cups is made with an elastic and flexible substance. These suction cups are made with a curved shape which is easy to fit on the surface. This curved section of this Suction Cups – Top Pilot Hole 42T will fix to any kind of clean surfaces. Users have to fix the round portion of this suction cup into a flat vertical surface. If it is hard to fit on the surface, so vacuum can be used to fix it.


medium clear transparent suction cup top hole without studs

Suction Cups – Top Pilot Hole 42T Features

A suction cup comes in different kids for users. Users can get these suction cups in the form of mushroom cups, with the pilot hole, with screw and nuts. It is used for different uses like windows and walls and bathrooms and even for cars. Users can get these suction hooks for windows and walls as per their requirement. The Suction Cups – Top Pilot Hole 42T has the following features,

  • This suction cup has a diameter of 42mm
  • This suction cups is meant for its absorption ability.
  • It has strong absorption in the surface
  • Users find it easy to use this suction cup
  • This contains strong suction cup hooks which stay on the surface for a long duration of time
  • Users can hang 5KG of weight in these suction cups


medium pvc suction cups without thumbtack

Product Description

This suction cups can be used in flat, dirt and oil free surfaces. This Suction cup material is easy to remove. This provides strong sucker to the surface on which it is fixed. That is user have to mention where they are going to use this suction cup like window or wall or bathroom. But, users have to use only specified amount of weight in these suction cups. Otherwise, it comes out from the surface.

medium suction cups can be use thumb rack

medium suction cups display top parts details