Medium Suction Cups with plastic hooks

Medium suction cup hooks. 45mm diameter, Thickening.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Plastic suction hooks are being used in a variety of situations.   The fact that they are made from one of the most flexible materials in the world, makes them desirable by all types of users. These products are made to handle any kind of load. This load can vary from clothing products, to vases to temporary shelves. . This means that the staying capacity has to be of the highest degree. It also means that they should work no matter how hot or cold it is. They should work in artificially controlled environments as well as natural environments.


medium kingfar suction cup hooks

KingFar – The Go to Player in this space

KingFar as a company has been at the forefront in this space. The company has been able to push simple products like the lever suction hooks and make them exceptional in every sense. The company has used premium materials and materials other than plastic to add capabilities into its entire product range. KingFar has also come up with unique designs to capture new customer markets. It has been able to add hooks made of either plastic or metal to the actual suction cup.

Features of Suction Cup KF-45BH-B3

  • Large load bearing capabilities
  • 45 mm size allows for easy installation and detachment
  • Can be used on painted surface, wooden and even metal surface
  • Can be used in any temperature range

Suction Cup KF-45BH-B3 Description

Suction Cup KF-45BH-B3 can handle large loads wth ease. The addition of the plastic hook means that it boosts the actual capacity of the suction cup. The product is designed to work both under 80 degrees as well as -20 degrees. It can be used to handle loads that fall between three to five kilograms. It can be attached and detached without any equipment at a moments notice.

medium suciton cup hooks

medium suction cups with hooks

medium suction hooks