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Double Sided

Suction cups solutions manufacture factory –

Double-sided suction cup.
35mm diameter.

Item No.: KF-35SM

Double-sided suction cup. 35mm diameter. Product Details:



Double-sided suction cup. 35mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

The Double-sided suction cup is the flexible material that can be attached to the surface and it is also called as the sucker. It can be placed on the smooth and nonporous material just by creating the partial vacuum. The center portion of the cup is made up of flexible material like rubber and curved in shape. The pressure in the suction cup gets exerted by a collision of gas molecules that holds the suction onto the surface. The suction cup has the much different application that satisfies the customer needs. The Suction Cup can be used without damaging any surface during the process of lifting action.

Kingfar Industry:   

Kingfar Industry have emerged one of the top industry in offering an extensive range of glass suction cups. It is designed by the experienced engineers, who have the perfect knowledge about the particular industrial quality parameters. Kingfar Industry ensures their durability and reliability with long service life. It gives the best material handler that helps to arrange the things in a comfortable manner by providing the excellent and high-quality products.

Suction cup KF-35 SM-Features:

Suction cup KF-35 SM is the PVC suction cup with double side Suction’s cup diameter of 35mm.It has the strong absorption ability with the greater weight of 5kg bearing for the ordinary sucker. This product contains the persistence that can be sustained on the smooth surface and gives the beautiful appearance of fashionable style that attracts many customers towards the product. King far is the biggest factory in China, by manufacturing more the 200 various kinds of sucker species and also provides supporting metal and plastic hooks for sale. These products have many commercial and industrial applications. The product given is 100% recyclable qualities with mark free versions. It is also helpful in moving the large smooth objects such as glass, windscreen and raised floor tiles.

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