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With Mushroom Head

Suction cups solutions manufacture factory –

Mini Suction cups with mushroom head.
15mm diameter.

Item No.: KF-15MH-2

Mini Suction cups with mushroom head. 15mm diameter. Product Details:



Mini Suction cups with mushroom head. 15mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Mini Suction cups falls under the category of products that we cannot do without . Who would have thought that such a product will impact our lives when it was first launched? Today more than ever, every home and every commercial space sports these products with ease. There is not one space that is not impacted by this category. Today, people have found innovative ways to use these products in every space nook and cranny.

KingFar- The company that is setting the trends

When it comes to this industry, people assume that the volumes dictate the trends. However what they do not realize is the amount of research taken to make products like Mini suction cups.  However, the research is not limited to the type but also the materials as well as the load bearing capacity.  This is where KingFar as a company is setting trends. They have not only worked on load bearing but also on the temperature aspect as well as the integrity of the product. As a complete package they have delivered products that are superior in every single benchmark with relative ease.

Mini Suction Cups KF- 15MH-2- The features

  • Can handle temperatures in both extremes of the scale
  • Can handle the highest load bearing in the industry
  • Can handle any smooth surface no matter what it is made of
  • Can handle installation and removal with simple ease


Mini Suction Cups KF- 15MH-2 – The description

The Mini Suction Cups KF- 15MH-2 is made with a number of different materials through a hybrid mixture. This mix allows it to work even below zero degrees and close to 80 degrees at the other end. When it comes to handling loads, the product can handle close to four to five kilograms. This is something that cannot be claimed by any other company.

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— What is the size (height,thickness)?

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