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Refrigerator drink holder Suction Cups Clear/Suction Cup Door Display Cooler/Cooler Door Rack

Item No.: KF-SD07

Refrigerator drink holder Suction Cups Clear/Suction Cup Door Display Cooler/Cooler Door Rack Product Details:



Refrigerator drink holder Suction Cups Clear/
Suction Cup Door Display Cooler/Cooler Door Rack
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

The suction cup is a cup-shaped device that is made of flexible material like rubber, glass or plastic, in which a partial vacuum can be produced when applied to the surface. Suction cup works on smooth, slick or shiny surfaces like glass, and it contains two main forces that make it possible, they are gravity and friction.

Applications of Suction Cup

Suction cup has number of commercial and industrial applications such as

  • To stick objects to nonporous vertical surfaces such as refrigerator doors and smooth walls
  • It can also be used in toilet plungers and to move large smooth objects
  • Air leaks does not exist between the cup and the surface, so it keeps the objects safer

Product Name: Suction cup cooler rack

Product Number: KF-SD07

Exciting features of SD07:

  • It accommodates various packages shapes and sizes
  • Suction cup is available in 3” (80mm) in depth
  • It provides additional commodities space by attaching to inside or outside of cooler/freezer door
  • It has inside and outside CDM dimensions of 16”W x 3.0”D x 4.0”H and 19.175”W x 6.1875” H
  • Graphic Label Dimensions of this suction cup is 15.75”W x1.25” H
  • This product contains the carton specification of 52*36*30cm
  • This product can hold carton weight of 8 LBS and dimensions of about 23.25”W x 18.25” D x 60375” H
  • CDM’s per Carton is about 10


It has the item code: 39269090, diameter of 45mm, contain the maximum depth of 3.125. Suction cup cooler rack is a cross marketing bin for glass freezer cases and bins that connect to flat glass surfaces; it can fit up to 6-12oz. cans. It has multiple shape and size packages which give us many advantages in handling and usage. This product is ideal for cross-merchandising.

If you have a Customized Requiremen of the Suction Cups Display Holder:

— What is the diameter and size?

— What is the Type / Style?

— What is the size (height,thickness)?

— Please kindly offer us with your projected photos Or design drawing.





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