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Double Layer

Suction cups solutions manufacture factory –

Two layer suction cup.
45mm diameter.

Item No.: KF-45DDS

Two layer suction cup. 45mm diameter. Product Details:



Two layer suction cup. 45mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Suction cup hooks for wall are used to hold a number of different products. This product range is seen in different avatars across residential and commercial spaces. We can see them being used to hold shelves, clothes, plants and a host of other things. Most of us wonder about the strength of these products. Yes, there is an inherent fear that the product range will lose its adsorption capacity at the blink of an eye. That is why we have to use products from reputed companies at all times.

KingFar – Quality is the hallmark of its product range

KingFar realized the benefits of making high end products. This can be seen in its entire product range as seen in Amazon suction hooks.  The company uses online shopping platforms to highlight its superiority in the market. When you look up their products, you will notice terms like increased load bearing, fire resistance being mentioned regularly. The reason for the same is that these features are not seen in this category when it comes to competition. The company realized that it has to use high end materials and techniques to achieve the same. It has not shied away from looking at other sectors and using often used materials like Silicone and PVC for construction of its product range

Features of Suction Cup KF-45DDS

  • Double layers to increase absorption
  • Better temperature resistance
  • Better load bearing capacity
  • Wide range use on any smooth surface


Suction Cup KF-45DDS Description

Suction Cup KF-45DDS consists of two layers to ensure better staying capacity. The product can work in any temperature range from negative 20 degrees to positive 80 degrees. The product has a load bearing capacity nearing five kilograms. This is much ahead of its competitors in the market place. The product has an inbuilt resistance to fire and the 45 millimeter width is large enough to achieve a number of different functions.

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