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suction cup, also sometimes known as a sucker, is an object that uses negative fluid pressure of air or water to adhere to nonporous surfaces and in the process creates a partial vacuum.[1] They exist both as artificially created devices, and as anatomical traits of some animals such as octopi and squid.


The working face of the suction cup has a curved surface. When the center of the suction cup is pressed against a flat, non-porous surface, the volume of the space between the suction cup and the flat surface is reduced, which causes the fluid between the cup and the surface to be expelled past the rim of the


circular cup. When the user ceases to apply physical pressure to the centre of the outside of the cup, the elastic substance of which the cup is made tends to resume its original, curved shape. Because most of the fluid has already been forced out of the inside of the cup, the cavity which tends to develop between the cup and the flat surface has little to no air or water in it, and therefore lacks pressure. The pressure difference between the atmosphere on the outside of the cup, and the low-pressure cavity on the inside of the cup, is what keeps the cup adhered to the surface.






The concept that’s most important, and what makes a suction cup’s bond strong, is the creation of a vacuum.


When a suction cup is pressed against a surface, it pushes out all of the air beneath it and creates a vacuum


between the cup and the surface. This vacuum holds the suction cup tightly, and it will continue to do so until


the pressure on the outside of the cup becomes lower than the pressure on the inside of the cup.








When a suction cup is removed, it creates a loud, popping sound. That is the sound of the air rushing in to


fill the vacuum that the suction cup created. A suction cup that is flexible, such as those made of rubber or


PVC, can be stretched and tugged while still maintaining its vacuum. Often the vacuum much be broken by


peeling up one edge of the suction cup and allowing air to rush in and break the bond.


mini clear suction cups





1.double-sided PVC suction cup is food grade
2.any color is made
3.LOGO print
4.phthalate free,non-toxic
5.powerful suction

6.Used for home, supermarket, retail store, promotion organize



Advantages :


1.No drilling, screws or nails; convenient & labor-saving; dustless & rustless;

2. No damage to the surface of tiles;

3.Free from the fall of strong-glued accessories or stains left by removal;

4.Can be installed casually and removed easily;

5.Small but with super-powered suction;classic and elegant; fashion-leading;

6.any color is available according to your pantone code;

7.Payment : TT,LC,Western Union;paypal;

8.widely used in the retail stores,supermarkets, multiple shops, exhibitions and for other advertising purposes

9.HOUSEFAR products are warmly welcomed by customers in China,Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia etc.

10.HOUSEFAR product surface design and structural design have been well welcomed by the customers all over the world.

11.Material conforms to EU regulations

12.With leading U.S. or European buyers

13.Collapsible (to reduce our logistic costs).

14.To be used in hot or cold extremes.

15.Clear UV resistant PVC material – won’t yellow or become brittle.

16.Strong and resistant until 70º hot water, and 2.5kgs weight.



 Material: PVC/TPR/TPE/Silicon
Commodity: 40mm colorful double-sided PVC suction cup
Application: supermarket,exhibition, boat,households,cars,etc…
Color: Any colors are available according to your pantone code.
Features: 1.Good oil,gas and fuel resistance;
2.High & low temperature,long life cycles;
3.Good abrasion resistance, good elasticity;
4.Aging resistance, acid/alkali resistance;
5. Noo-toxis, eco-friendly and harmless to harm body;
6.Skid resistance, wear & tear resistance;
7.Soft & comfortable surface.
8.Excellent quality.
9.Ajustable in many directions.
10.Clip with anti-slip rubber, it can grab firmly.
11.Phthalates free
12.Meet to N16P,EN71-3,SGS,REACH,ROHS
13.Delivery on time
Production method: Compression molding, extrustion molding, injection molding.
Certificate: SGS N16P.EN71-3,SGS,REACH,ROHS
Rapid Development line: A.From drawing, new tool design to mold support and samples.
B.Prototype mold,usually in 5 days;
C.Mass production mold,usually in 1-2 weeks.
Package: PE bag with carton box or customized
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,paypal
OEM: We accept OEM service.

mini pvc suction cups

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