Large Clear Suction Cup with Bulldog Clip

  • Large Suction Cup with a metal Bulldog Clip

  • suction cup with Bulldog Clip Attach posters or chalk boards to windows
  • A versatile and creative way to brighten your walls or windows
  • Suction Cup is manufactured from clear PVC so won’t affect product

suction cups with bulldog clips

Features and benefits of a Suction Cup with  Bulldog Clip

A Suction Cup with a Bulldog Clip is a versatile way to hang your posters, graphics, notices or chalk boards from your window or wall display. The Bulldog Clip adds extra strength and grip ensuring a lasting poster display.

What size is the clip?

The Bulldog Clip has a length of 5cm, making it a perfect length for gripping a variety of poster sizes.

What surfaces can the Suction Cup attach to?

We recommend attaching to a non-textured surface such as glass, mirror, tiles or glossy acrylic for the strongest grip.

suction cup clips

suction cup with bulldog clip

Technical Drawing. 45mm Suction Cups with Bulldog Clips