Suction Cup without Hooks, 20mm

Suction Cup without Hooks, 22mm


  • These suction cups are used to attach objects together
  • Suction cups have so many uses for finished crafts
  • They are great for hanging hand made decorations, especially at christmas
  • This pack contains 6 rubber suction cups without hooks
  • Each cup measures 20mm wide


We lost the suction cups that came with out glass table somehow (thank you, young children) so any time the tabletop was leaned against, it slid. When it got pushed far enough to fall off the legs during supper one night, we decided we had to buy new suction cups. No idea why these things are so hard to find – we can’t be the only people who have had this issue! Package arrived on time.

We flipped the suction cups upside down and put the little knob thing on the back inside the hole on the table legs (suction cup facing up), lined up the glass so it was straight, and put it down. It’s been a week, and the tabletop has not slid again. My kids are not scared of eating supper anymore!

I bought this specifically to replace the worn out suction cups of my glass table. The old cups were so old they hardened and would not hold the glass surface stable. The table kept slipping any time anyone would sit down and put any kind of pressure on it. I didn’t know what to expect when I placed my order. After I received the package and tried to fix the table, I was worried since the knobs of the cups seemed too large to fit in the hole of the table frame. It worked out fine, I used a little metal poker on my utility knife to squeeze the suction knobs into the hold, since the material is flexible. It was a tight fit but once in the hole, they are stable and I have no worries that they would pop out. Works great and the glass surface of my table is very stable. Would buy again if I need it for the glass table. I don’t have any other use for these cups, as I already know that cups like these don’t really hold anything to walls or what not. I don’t really believe in suction cup technology to hold stuff to windshields or windows or any vertical surface. So I can’t really recommend them for any purpose other than to replace old suction cups that are holding glass table surface. VERY specific use case.

You know those little suction cups that hold the glass table top to the wood base? Why do they disappear? Where do they go? Why did I have to spend an hour searching online before I finally found them listed simply as suction cups without hooks? Anyway, just buy extra. They are cheap and every junk drawer needs a few on reserve.