suction cups razor holders

Suction cups razor holders.
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The suction cup is made up of rubber molded to nearby concaved suction and an exterior face which gets meeting at the border of the suction cup. While applying a suction cup to a pane or a sheet of glass or any other material, the concave suction face is placed against the glass and the cup is pushed towards the glass to flatten the face and expel the air between the cup and the surface.


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Working of Suction cup:

Suction cup works under less pressure on one side than the other, so by forcing them they get stick onto the surface. On pushing the suction cup, the air leak gets stopped, and relative vacuum gets created. It is the atmospheric pressure pushes the suction cup against the surface of the wall.


suction cups razor holder

Product Name: Classic Suction cups razor holders, Mog wall Shaver Holder

Product Number: KF- SR450311

Exciting features of SR450311:

  • This product holds one razor
  • It can be easily moved
  • It contains Acrylic hook
  • It has the diameter of 4.5cm
  • This product contains the dimensions of 2.5 x 2.4 x 2.”
  • The suction cup is made up of PVC, Dia 45mm mushroom head


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Short on bathroom storage? Need a durable yet temporary solution? If you’re after a smart solution to your everyday bathroom dilemmas, the traditional quality acrylic suction range is for you!

The Classic Suction cups Razor Holders is a quality solution looks great and will help you to maximise space right where you need it!

Simply moisten the suction cup and push into place on clean, smooth, dry surfaces for effective adhesion. These surfaces have to be non-porous – painted surfaces or porous tiles will not hold the item.


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The classic Suction cups razor holders is a better quality with the smart solution to everyday bathroom dilemmas and helps to maximize the space right where we need. This surface has to be nonporous –painted surface will not hold the items. The Mog Wall Shaver Holder hangs the blades to dry. In this, you can hang a blade in the shower or on the mirror.

Usually, the razor can mount it to most bathroom surface with the suction cup base.

Hanger designed to keeps sharp razor blades away from the fingers which will be safer to handle. Dry blade stay sharp longer and are more hygienic.

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