The use of Thumb Screw Suction Cups

large suction cup with metal screws

The use of Thumb Screw Suction Cups

Kingfar Suction cups are widely used as a great accessory tool. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, in your cars and several other places. Moreover, these are accessible in many different designs that you can use, depending upon the need and requirement.

Working of Thumb Screw Suction cups

You can use the thumb screw suction cups to attach a variety of material. These suction cups have a sucker cup at one end and a screw at the exterior end. The thumb screw suction cups are attached to the plane surfaces by creating a vacuum between the sucker and the surface. After installing the sucker, the other end of the suction cup having the screw is open to tightening any bolts or holders on the bolt. You can use the screws for installing handles, for placing pipes, or placing workpiece.

Introducing the Suction Cup

When the suction cup is mate against a non-porous surface by generating the vacuum the atmospheric air between the sucker and the interior of the smooth surface vanishes. It results in a firm grip of the sucker on the flat surface. If you attach the suction cup to a surface having pores, then it is possible that after some time the pores will allow the air to fill in the vacuum created and the firm grip of the cup will start to loosen. However, you must take care that while installing the thumb screw suction cup you have selected a non-porous surface. Besides, the non-porous surface you should not install the suckers on uneven or rough surfaces. In this case, the air might enter from any side of the sucker and will result in an insecure attachment. These systems are termed as the leaking systems that you must avoid. The screw of the suction cups can be used in hanging holders, tightening loops and several other things. You can use the screw to place angle irons and handles.

Usage for Installing Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras are widely used these days, installing these cameras can be a technical job that you may face. The cameras come with a handle that you need to install on the wall in which you place the camera. For installing the handle on the wall, you need screws, bolts, hammers, drill machines and probably an own labor to do an excellent job for you. On the contrary, the suction cups with pins are very easy to install and place on the walls. You don’t need bolts and hammers for making a hole in the walls. Instead, you just need to position the sucker on the non-porous wall entirely. The suction cup shall be placed in such manner that the screw side is open, where you can attach the handle of the camera. The process is much easier and doesn’t require any instructions. You can easily install the thumb screw suction cup all by yourself and save any additional carpenter expenses. These are very convenient to handle and don’t require much time.