Usage of High-Quality Suction Cups

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Usage of High-Quality Suction Cups

The high-quality suction cups are widely used as dent pullers. If you have any dent on the body of your car, you can level it using the suction cups. There are many advantages that you can avail by purchasing the suction cups. You can buy the suction cups from online stores. You just need to click on the material that you want, and it is delivered at your doorstep.

The process of straightening the dent of a car is very easy and can be carried out in four simple steps.

Cleaning the area of Dent

Steps you might need to follow while removing a dent from the body of your vehicle using a high-quality suction cup. First, you need to clean the dent. You can do the cleaning with the help of wax and grease remover. The cleaning procedure is necessary because if the dent is dirty or has dust spots on it, then the suction cup will not work properly, so you need to clean the area of a dent. To clean the wax and grease remover are the best tools that you can use. Always clean the dent in a circular motion using a soft cloth.

Positioning the Suction Cup

The second step is to place the dent puller suction cup at the right place. You need to see the dent carefully in your vehicle. Place the high=quality suction cup exactly in the middle of the dent. If you don’t put the suction cup in the center of the dent, then it will not pull the dent in a smooth manner, and the dent will become more defaced. One thing you need to care is that the suction cup must be flat with the dent.

Push the sucker into the dent

To make the dent even you need to press the cup of the suction cup into the dent, with even pressure from all sides. These shall not remain any point that is not in contact with the dent. You need to make sure that the sucker is in level with the dent. If the sucker or cup is not even with the dent, then you need to remove the suction cup and put it again by applying equal pressure from all sides so that it is in level with the dent.

Pulling the sucker out

After pushing the cup onto the dent with all its contact points in line with it, you need to pull it back with some force. Pulling the suction cup backward will also pull the dented body to its original position. While you need to take care that doesn’t remove the sucker at once, pull it slowly with an even force so that the dent is not defaced. After pulling out the sucker inspect the dent. If the den is not at the level yet, repeat the procedure two to three times, and it will make the body of your car dent free.

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