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Weight Ratings

Why is it that many other chinese suction cups manufacturers do not publish weight ratings for their products?

Kingfar suction cups have weight ratings below* that are based on the applied mm diameter of suc-tion cups with hooks when applied dry on clean, flat glass of the window or bathroom’s tiles.

kg_weight-51215mm – 0.10kgs (0.22 lbs)
16mm – 0.10kgs (0.22 lbs)
20mm – 0.20kgs (0.44 lbs)
22mm – 0.20kgs (0.44 lbs)
25mm – 0.25kgs (0.55 lbs)
30mm – 0.30kgs (0.66 lbs)
35mm – 0.45kgs (1.00 lbs)
38mm – 0.50kgs (1.10 lbs)
40mm – 0.80kgs (1.76 lbs)
42mm – 1.00kgs (2.20 lbs)
45mm – 1.20kgs (2.65 lbs)
50mm – 1.50kgs (3.30 lbs)
55mm – 2.00kgs (4.40 lbs)
60mm – 3.00kgs (6.60 lbs)
63mm – 3.00kgs (6.60 lbs)
65mm – 4.00kgs (8.80 lbs)
70mm – 5.00kgs (11.00 lbs)
80mm – up to 8.00kgs (17.60 lbs)

*A screw-in fitting, push in fitting or slot head may lower the holding weight of an attached product due to:
1. it’s reliance on the thread made in the clear PVC
2. the grip of the push in attachment within the cup
3. the closing jaws of a self closing cup.

Temperature Ranges

Temperature and humidity variations may make a suction cup lose its grip.
Kingfar suction cups will hold between temperatures of MINUS 29°C (-20°F) and +49°C (120°F), but should first be applied above 5°C (40°F).


Application Surfaces

Fix suction cups to dry, clean, flat, smooth, slick/shiny, non-porous, non-textured surfaces like glass, mirrors, glossy plastic, glazed ceramic tiles, car bodywork etc.

Surfaces like shower panels and tiles may have soap or cleaning product residue on the surface which needs to be removed with alcohol. Proprietary glass cleaners can leave a residue which affects adhesion. De-grease any application area and then clean with a mild detergent, rinse and dry.

The suction cup may need to be “burped” periodically by pressing down on it to remove any air that may have seeped in.

Technical Drawings

#1. Pick a suction cup type in the left hand column or a picture on the Home page.
#2. Pick a suction cup size category. ie. 30mm etc.
#3. There is a technical drawing at the top of that page or scroll down to any pack size for a full description, technical drawing, and image.





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