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There’s an new designing and more application behind Kingfar Chinese best suction Cups.
Kingfar lead the way in providing what customers want most – professional looking, powerful, Safe and reliable everyday suction cups. But How do suction cups work?





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Our GoPro suction cups are used for a strong reliable fixing inside a car windscreen or outside the cardoor on high quality sports cameras by GoPro.
Our suction cups with hooks are now used by Disney Inc.for the baby plush toys and cartoon books to attaching car windows.
Kingfar large mushroom head suction cups with screw used on the Budweiser Beer Acrylic display holder.
Our Suction Cups With RING are used by iFixit which is a global community of people helping each other repair Iphone/Ipad.
Kingfar suction cups hooks are used by a large Point of Sale company in USA.
Kingfar Suction Cup Razor Holder are used shelf holder by one of the leading Razor groups in the CHINA.

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