Suction Cup Hooks | U-Hook

Suction Cup Hooks | U-Hook, We have size: diameter 22mm, 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm.

  • 22mm suction cup hooks
  • 22mm suction cup hook
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  • 30mm suction cup hooks
  • 30mm mini suction cup hooks
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  • 38mm suction cup hooks
  • 38mm suction cup hook
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  • 40mm suction cup hooks
  • 40mm suction cup hook
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  • 45mm suction cup hooks
  • 44mm suction cup hook
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  • 50mm suction cup hooks
  • 50mm suction cup hook
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  • 50mm suction cup hooks -3
  • 50mm suction cup hook -3
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  • 60mm suction cup hooks
  • 60mm big suction cups hook
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  • 60mm suction cup hooks -2
  • 60mm suction cup hook -2
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  • 60mm suction cup hooks -A2
  • 60mm suction cup hook -A2
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  • 70mm suction cup hook
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  • 35mm suction cup with metal hook
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  • large suction cup hook 55mm
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Kingfar suction cups have below size:
Mini: 22mm
Small: 30mm、35mm
Medium: 38mm、40mm、45mm
Large: 50mm、55mm
Big: 60mm
Ultra: 70mm


Suction cup hooks provide a hassle-free solution for hanging items on smooth surfaces without drilling. This concise summary highlights their functionality, applications, benefits, considerations, and includes product dimensions for reference.


Suction cup hooks use suction power to securely adhere to non-porous surfaces like glass, tile, and plastic. They are ideal for temporary installations in rental spaces or areas where damage-free attachment is desired.


These hooks feature flexible rubber or silicone cups that create an airtight seal when pressed against a surface. The atmospheric pressure helps maintain a strong grip, supporting lightweight to moderately heavy objects.


Suction cup hooks are commonly used in homes, offices, and retail settings to hang towels, clothes, shower accessories, kitchen utensils, decorations, and small organizational tools.


  • Easy installation and removal without tools or hardware.
  • Versatile placement and repositioning without surface damage.
  • Portability for use in different locations.
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional hooks.


  • Suitable for smooth, non-textured surfaces.
  • Adhere to weight limitations specified by the manufacturer.
  • Regular inspection and cleaning for optimal performance.

Product Dimensions:

Suction cup hooks are available in various sizes and shapes. Common dimensions range from 1 inch (2.54 cm) to 3 inches (7.62 cm) in diameter. These dimensions may vary depending on the specific product and brand.


Suction cup hooks offer a convenient and damage-free hanging solution for various applications. Understanding their functionality, benefits, considerations, and having knowledge of product dimensions allows for effective utilization in daily life.