Suction Cups With Slot Head

Suction cup holders for Christmas lights and wiring in windows. Bathroom Shower Caddy Connectors Suction Cups, Have diameter 30mm and 45mm.

  • suction cups for christmas lights
  • suction cups for christmas light
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  • Bathroom Shower Caddy Connectors Suction Cups
  • Bathroom Shower Caddy Connectors Suction Cup
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Suction cups for Christmas lights, ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and shower caddy connectors.

About this item

    • SUPER VALUE QUANTITY:  Suction cups for shower caddy , these are enough to meet all of your toughest suction cup needs.
    • DIFFERENT SIZES: small size 0.63 inch * 1.6 inch(H * D); large size 0.5 inch * 1.7 inch(H * D), each suction cup has a special notch on the top that holds the side bar of the shower caddy. please confirm the size before purchase.
    • STRONG FIXED ACTION AND SECURITY: suction cups can perfectly solve the problem of your shower caddy trying to slide around. You completely can use these shower caddy connectors to add safety to your shower organizer and never have to worry about temperatures getting too hot or too cold .
    • How to use: very simple to use, there is a slit in the center of the suction cup, squeeze it open, place the suction cup on the rod on the side of the shower box, and then adhere the suction cup to the wall.
      1.Please soak in warm water for a few minutes and clean the suction cup for better results. You need to clean the tile or other surface with rubbing alcohol before applying. this wall hook is perfect for tiles, glass, rough surfaces are not recommended.
      2. The suction power of this product is not enough to support the shower rack. This product acts on the side rods of the shower box prevent it from shaking left and right and causing the items on the shower box rack to topple over.