Suction Cups With Thumbtack

Suction cups with barbed thumb tacks fix thin posters and signs up to 2mm in thickness on windows. have size 30mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm.

  • 30mm Suction Cups for Posters with Barbed Thumb Tacks
  • 30mm Suction Cups for Posters. Flat Barbed Tacks
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  • 45mm Suction Cups with Barbed Tacks
  • 45mm Suction Cups for Thin Posters. Flat Barbed Thumb Tacks
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  • 45mm Suction Cups with Tacks for Thin Posters
  • 45mm Suction Cups with Tacks for Thin Poster
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  • 50mm Suction Cups with Flat Tacks for Thin Posters
  • 50mm Suction Cups - Flat Barbed Tack
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  • 60mm Suction cups with barbed gripper thumb tack
  • 60mm Suction Cups for Thin Posters. Flat Thumb Tacks
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  • 60mm Suction Cups with Barbed Tack for Posters and Leaflets
  • 60mm Suction Cups with Flat Barbed Thumb Tacks
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  • 50mm large suction cup with thumbtack
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1. Secure Mounting:

Easily and securely mount posters without surface damage.

2. Easy Installation:

Simple installation process for hassle-free hanging.

3. Strong Adhesion:

Ensures firm attachment to various surfaces.

4. Damage-Free Removal:

Easy detachment without leaving residue or causing damage.

5. Versatile Applications:

Suitable for posters, signs, artwork, and more.

6. Size and Specifications:

Available in different sizes to accommodate various poster dimensions.

7. Diverse Styles:

Choose from clear, colored, or patterned options for personalized display.

8. OEM Customization:

Custom branding and logos available for promotional purposes.

9. Image Processing:

Option to print high-quality graphics or messages on suction cups.

10. Durability:

Crafted from durable materials for long-lasting use.

11. Cost-effective Solution:

Affordable alternative to tape or adhesive methods.

12. Wide Availability:

Accessible online and offline for customers worldwide.

13. Customer Satisfaction:

Reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for poster display.