40mm medium suction cups

Suction cups with mushroom head. 40mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions – isuctioncups.com

Medium Suction Cups fall under a product line that is used to handle different types of loads. This range of products helps people from all walks of life find a permanent solution to their entire storage need. But why would people want a plastic product instead of a metal one? The reality is that the plastic product has evolved over the decades. Yes, there are many companies that keep using plastic to create these products. However, there are a few that have started using new age products to improve the product quality.


medium 40mm diameter mushroom head suction cups

KingFar- A leader that buckles all trends.

KingFar has proved to a leader among this sector. As a leader they set the trends rather than follow one. This can be evident in the fact that they wanted to target customers around the globe. They understood that their products had to survive and perform as promised in different temperature conditions. They also realized that their competitors had weight restrictions on the amount of load that they could bear. As a result, they revolutionized simple products like Medium Suction Cups using materials from the medical industry as well as the cosmetic industry.

Medium Suction Cups KF- 40MH- The features

  • Fire resistance inbuilt into the product
  • Large surface increase sticking capacity
  • Unique shape allows for easy addition and removal of metal hooks
  • Unique shape allows versatile use in any situation


Medium Suction Cups KF- 40MH – The description

Medium Suction Cups KF- 40MH has a unique feature that makes it attractive and feasible to use. The mushroom cup shape gives it this dual combination. The shape ensures that people can use it as advertised. Features like resistance to fire, adaptability to different temperatures as well as the ability to handle loads of high capacity make it a stand out in its category.

medium mushroom head suction cup for sign

medium mushroom head suction cups

medium pvc suction cup with mushroom head

technical drawing medium mushroom head suction cups