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Big 2.5” suction cups with key ring – ifixit tools supplier from china. suction cups size is 63mm diameter.
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The suction cup with key ring are the tool which is used for many reasons. The wall surfaces will need a support to balance the temperature.  This will be accomplished by the suction cups.

The iPhone are the most used mobile phones by people. In order to avoid the damages in these iPhone 8 X, people can use the suction cups. This will be varied in their size and models.

Here, we are going to specify about the suction cups 63MR in detail. Through this passage, you can get the complete details about this suction cup.

Section cups – 63MR Features

Even though there are varieties of suction cups available in the market, people will prefer to buy only the material which is needed. But the features of every material will differ. It is better to know about the features before it is purchased. Let us discuss about the features of the suction cups.

  • It is easily suitable for all kinds of places.
  • Used are both commercial and personal areas.
  • The diameter of the ring is about 60mm to 63mm.
  • The ring is made with the PVC solution.
  • It is a metal ring.

Product Description

The suction cups 63MR are mainly used for the cell phone repairs. There are many people who are trying to use the iPhone. The usage of the iphones is more, so that they have to maintain the proper way. The user will get any damages on the display screen often. In order to avoid that, the large suction hooks are used. It will help theiphone case to mount up easily. So, the damages and the scratches can be avoided literally. Now, the user can buy the material at many places. Several areas are providing this suction cups with hooks. It is better to make an order on the online sites. The user can get them through the delivery.

kingfar suction cups with metal ring 63mm diameter

strong suction cups with loop ring keyring

super strong suction cups with ring

2.5‘’ suction cups with key ring