Big Rubber Suction Cups nylon white nuts

Big Rubber Suction Cups nylon white nuts. 60mm diameter.
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60mm big kingfar suction cup with nuts

Generally, suction cups materials are used for many applications and many purposes by the users. Users use these suction cups to get good sucker experience. The Suction cup-Screw and Nut 60M5-6nut is a form of the suction cup comes with screw and nuts. These are substances which employ the negative fluid pressure of the air or water to stick on to non porous surfaces. This suction cup hooks create a particle vacuum around the surface on which it is fixed. Suction cups materials are available for different purposes such as wall suction hooks, window suction cups etc.


big pvc suction cups with nuts

Suction Cups-Screw and Nut 60M5-6nuts Features

These forms of suction cups are available in the market for the users. Similarly, some top online sites also sold these suction cups. For example, amazon suction hooks are good to use

  • One of the greatest features of this Suction cup-Screw and Nut 60M5-6nuts is it can be sued for hot and cold surfaces
  • This suction cup is used for a hole size of 3/16”
  • It contains a copper material long stud.
  • The diameter of this suction cup is 2”
  • This suction cup provides the best sucker feel to the user and will exhibit great pressure on the surface


big rubber suction cups nylon white nuts

Product Description

Before going to fix these suction cups on a surface, users have to check whether the surface is clean or not.  This is because; clean surface provides better sucking to the suction cup. This suction cup is created with clear UV resistant PVC material. This can be useful for the user to fix this suction cup anywhere. Users can get these suction cup hooks in a different size. That is users can get this suction cup with small suction cup hooks and also large hooks. Users have to simply place the hook of this suction cup in the place they need.

nylon plastic white nuts