How to get a suction cup to stick

How to get a suction cup to stick

How to get a suction cup to stick?

Suction cups are some of the best organization tools for any kitchen or bathroom, and learning how to get a suction cup to stick should obviously be one of your top priorities if you’re in the habit of using them often

The only problem with suction cups is that they best adhere to smooth, impermeable surfaces such as tiles, smooth metals and fibreglass. Effectively, one of the best ways of getting the suction cup to stick (because of the science behind it all, is to ensure the surface is completely free of any traces of dirt before trying to attach the suction cup to any surface.

To ensure the suction cup has a perfectly strong bond with nearly any surface, follow these elaborate steps:
Step 1.

First, you should ensure that your surface is going to be friendly with the suction cup. As mentioned before, this can only be achieved if the surface is primarily free of any kind of dirt, grease or oil. Therefore, thoroughly scrub the surface you’re going to attach your suction cup to with dishwashing soap and dry it.

Step 2

Next, clean the surface once again with either rubbing alcohol or vinegar. This is mainly because rubbing alcohol is especially good at getting rid of grease and other relatively harder materials to get rid of. Once done dry the surface with a piece of cloth.

Step 3

This is perhaps the most important part of how to get a suction cup to stick.

Take your individual suction cups and rinse each of them under a stream of warm water. This should help get rid of excess dirt. Afterwards, wipe off the water with a piece of cloth.

Step 4

Once you’ve dried it off, the suction cup is ready for use. Oftentimes, one of the reasons suction cups fail to stick in the first place is because they aren’t fitted firmly enough on the wall.

Push the suction cup with as much force as you can muster, and in the process, ensure it doesn’t slide about or show signs of stuck air bubbles inside it. However, depending on how you intend to use it, you may have to append the suction cup onto the wall, hook or shelf you’re using before you finally mount it in place.

Step 5

Finally, let the suction cup rest for around 12-24 hours before you add the weight on top of it. If you were keen enough, you may have noted that in knowing how to get a suction cup to stick, it’s the little mistakes in between that really affect how well or how badly the suction cup will behave during usage.

How to get a suction cup to stick