medium high quality suction cups with mushroom head

Suction cups with mushroom head. 45mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

Medium 45mm window suction cups with mushroom head are premium products that have changed the way we look at a suction cups hook. Before these products were introduced, we always believed that suction hooks did not have good staying power. Hence we ensured that these products were used sparingly. We depended on permanent storage for all our needs. But then the market changed. Some companies realized that they could make these products better. They understood that they were losing a market share due to the inferior nature of the end product. Hence they started looking at using materials and methods to make the product much better than its current avatar.


45mm mushroom head suction cups

KingFar- The Company that made everyone notice

KingFar realized that they could use products and techniques from other industries to make their product base much stronger and better. They realized that TPR, silicone and medical grade plastic along with PVC made a huge difference. They were able to add features like resistance to fire, resistance to changes in load weight, resistance to changes of constant movement and finally resistance to changes in temperature in an instant.

Suction Cup KF- 45MH-6- The features

  • Large surface area to increase adsorption capacity
  • Best fire resistance in the industry
  • Best load bearing capacity in the industry
  • Combination of materials to make the product last longer than competition

Suction Cup KF- 45MH-6 – The description

Suction Cup KF- 45MH-6 has benefitted immensely from the use of new age materials. The product has one of the largest surface areas in the industry. This allows it the best adsorption capacity in the market. It can carry loads close to five kilograms something which no competitor can claim. The product has a unique shape to help add strength through materials like metal hooks which increases the holding capacity further. We can find this product through use of categories like IKEA suction hook during the actual search query.

medium high quality suction cups with mushroom head

medium mushroom head suction cups long neck

medium suction cup with mushroom head