Polly’s Replacement Suction Cup

Shower & Window Fold Out Perch by Polly’s Replacement Suction Cup

big suction cups
Replacement Suction Cup for a SMALL Polly’s Fold Away Window and Shower Perch.

Has one of your suction cups stopped sticking? If you have ruled out a dirty shower wall then it may be time to replace a suction cup. A better price than buying a whole new perch.

One Replacement 2.5″ Diameter Suction Cup from Polly’s Pet Products for SMALL Polly’s Shower Perches. .

Choose the Small Polly’s Shower Perch for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Caiques, Ringnecks, Quakers and other small to Medium birds.
Now your shower can a be a tropical rain forest. Water is necessary to maintain a healthy coat of feathers. Discover this secret and make your bird’s feathers shine?

Use on a window for natural sunlight and to enjoy watching outdoor activies or nature viewing. Sunlight brings out the natural beauty of your birds feathers.

Please note, the suction cups must be pressed against a clean flat surface of glass, laminate or tile. It will not be assured of sticking on textured surfaces, dirty glass, tile, laminate or painted surfaces. Do not put suction cup across a seam between two tiles, it will not stick.