Strong suction hooks

Strong suction hooks. 63mm diameter.
Kingfar Suction Cups Solutions –

The principle of the Strong suction cup hooks is that it is using the negative fluid pressure of water or air to firmly stick it to the smooth and nonporous surfaces or materials by creating the partial vacuum. Before fixing the Strong suction cup hooks, make sure that the surface should be smooth and clean only then the suction cup is perfectly bonded to the plane.


strong sucton hooks

Applications of Suction Cup:

Using Strong suction cup hooks is the best solution for material handling. It can hold any equipment (both light and heavyweight). We have seen that suction cups are used in all places such as industries, walls, kitchens, doors, mirrors, etc. In our daily life, we are in need of Strong suction cup hooks for various applications. So we have to select the suction cup with great features and qualities to obtain optimum results.

Kingfar solution: Best providers-

The Kingfar solution, suction cups provider is an excellent company which holds one among the top ten positions in sStrong suction cup hooks solution supplier. This company is making more than 200 types of suction cups. They are making more than 10,000,000 pieces/year of the premium suction cup with hooks for various purposes.

The Product name is Suction cups – plastic hooks

The Product Item No is KF-63BH-B

Features of KF-63BH-B

Here I am going to provide some of the best features of one of the suction cups.

This product has many features. Here I will provide some of them:-

  • The diameter of the PVC suction cup with single plastic hook is 63mm
  • This type of Strong suction cup hooks can bear up to 5 kg of material weight
  • This suction cup has adsorption capacity, and it is eco-friendly
  • The plastic hooks are provided with different sizes from 8mm to 95mm
  • The normal temperature rating is 80 degree, and it can sustain the cold environment up to -20 degree Celsius


We can use this type of suction cup to showcase the gorgeous things on walls, tables, stainless steel, etc. This kind of suction cup is mainly used to organize things in the office, kitchens, bathroom, etc. We can use this product for an extended period. It is extremely tight.

strong sucton hooks

strong sucton hooks

strong sucton hooks

strong sucton hooks