OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Toll Pass Holder

OLD EZ Pass, IPass, IZoom Tag Holder/Transponder Holder/Toll Pass holder Windshield Mount/Premium Quality with Genuine Reclosable Mounting Strips

You must be tired of the original white toll pass that comes with those two mounting strips that you need to attach to the windshield and to the holder. Not only does it look quite unattractive;
those are pretty hard to remove when you don’t want it. You would find that the mounting strips peel off over time and you end up having to purchase it separately which again ends up costing you extra money to replace

It’s super easy to install and take off while giving your car a very nice impression.
Made in CHINА with the U.S. Patent in process and we have ensured that we stick to best quality assurance and control protocols to bring you a great, fun product.

[Package Contents]:
– OLD Large Toll Pass Holder + 4 suction cups
– 4 pcs Genuine Reclosable Mounting Strips ($8.00 Value)
(note: toll pass is not included)

Holder Dimension:
– 3.9″ x 3.45″

►Fits all major toll pass holder
-Including: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana and Virginia
(any toll pass that measures smaller than our holder will work)
►Easy to install and remove
– Attach the holder in just 5 seconds with suction cups so it is super easy to remove.

►Creativity meets Quality
– Decorative adhesive decal is a new way to personalize your vehicle even if you don’t own a toll pass! Plus the clear material is easy to maintain while expressing your unique personality.

– This is inexpensive and simple way to express your personality

►Long lasting
-This solves the problem of mounting strips peeling off, sticking onto the windshield when you do not want it etc., The suction cups it uses are cutting edge and perfect for you.

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