What are Suckers?

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Title: – Know about Suckers

A sucker is a suction cup. It is a shape of cup, it has made by rubber, glass, or plastic. By producing vacuum, sucker can use force to acquire air or fluids inside it.

What are Suckers: – Medical Definition of suction cup

In a medical class, sucker is just a cup made by glass or rubber. In this, it produces vacuum, when it is force to a surface or human body.  It is used for bringing out the bad blood to the skin.

Even in architecture and other industrial purposes, sucker is made of very flexible synthetic materials as PVC based plastic or neoprene. Their strength of reliability, these flexible elements are preferred then natural rubber for more resistant capacity in the sunlight and other extreme temperature. Technically the force is important and for detaching a sucker from surface is an important formula:

F = AP; F = A P {\displaystyle F=AP}

Where F is the sucker force to withdraw and A is the surface covered by the sucker. P is the factor of pressure which is lying outside the sucker.

The above sucker formula depends on outer diameter of sucker. It will not be changed at the time of pulling sucker from the surface. It is also factor that no air leaks into the gaps between sucker and the surface where it is forced. The force for pulling sucker is must be applied vertical on surface. It is for that sucker will not go sideways.

What are Suckers pressures?

The actual sucker pressure is that which cell absorbs water.  In refrigerator and air condition machines in our housing systems, the suction pressure of sucker is called low-side pressure. It has pressure which is generated by the compressor parts when it starts to operate.

For the technical reason of lower pressure in very small area, sucker is very workable.  There is an atmospheric pressure outside, of whole system. It pushes down on it. But it holds the sucking activity very firmly in proper place. Sucker holds the area allowing air from the side. It creates pressures equally and by applying same in large to overcome atmospheric pressure.

What are Suckers suction line?

The suction line in a sucker is a piping system parts. It is used in air conditioning and refrigeration unit. When the refrigerant becomes fulfilled by the gas, the evaporator coil of the sucking section in piping of this coil goes to the condenser coil. It is called the suction line of a sucker in industrial use.

Finally, we can say that sucker work on smooth   and shiny surfaces like glass. But it had old use on human body from ancient medical therapy.  This is used all the times by gravity and friction.


What are Suckers